Engineered wood flooring

Flooring installation all over Lithuania

We offer 3 collections of engineered wood flooring – from polished to distressed oak flooring, which will allow you to create various desired styles in your interior. Our inspiration comes from the nature and that is reflected in our floors. Solid oak boards are a natural floor covering, which is hygienic and easy to maintain. When suitably finished and maintained, these floors will last for many years. The surface of the floorboards is very smooth and soft as we polish it smoothly and qualitatively with modern polishing machine. Polished surface is covered with oil. The oil helps to emphasize natural colours of wood and to provide floors with various different colours. The floors prepared for laying are processed with Rubio Monocoat oils. Therefore, we recommend their care products.

Bruch – when brushing natural wood drawing and relief shows up. The soft part of the wood is brushed, then engineered wood flooring are covered with oil. Such method of processing nicely highlights the flute of wood. Brushing is inseparable part of luxury look – the modernity is balanced with antique charm.

It should be noted that the processing of engineered wood flooring is composed of covering them with oil two times. Thus the consumer is provided with the possibility to obtain high quality product with final finish that is performed in the factory.

Muted and enhanced colour


Processing and covering of surface – brushing, distressing, painting, oiling.

We use special methods of engineered wood flooring aging which create antique look. Each engineered wood plank is distressed individually to provide unique appearance and expressive character.

Wavy shapes

Novelty. Wave shaped floors creates lively look in your home.

Quality of engineered wood flooring

You can choose between two grades of quality of oak structures – Natural and Rustic.

Natural oak adds some character to the floors with small amount of wholesome knots that are not bigger than 2 cm in diameter and some changes in grain of the wood. It is allowable only occasional black cracked knots up to 1 cm. It is not allowable – sapwood, woodworm, mold.

Rustic oak is with occasional bigger wholesome knots up to 6 cm in diameter, there are significant changes in the structure of wood. Leaky knots up to 30 mm. More distinct changes in colour are dominating, the structure of wood is more vivid. It is not allowable – sapwood, woodworm, mold.


Engineered wood flooring is produced in accordance with Standard of the European Union DIN EN 13489 : 2003

Tolerances for width ± 0.2 mm
Lipping (between elements) ± 0.2 mm
Squareness deviation ≤ 0.2% mm
Cupping ≤ 0.2% mm
Spring ≤ 0.1% mm

Dimensions of engineered wood floor plank:

Thickness 12,5 mm; 13 mm; 21 mm ( 9 mm or 15 mm of moisture resistant birch plywood )
Engineered floors top layer (Oak) 3,5 mm; 4,0 mm; 6,0 mm
Width 180 mm
Length 1200 mm; 2200 mm

Upon the request of the client on separate agreement we may producde other thinknessess and lengths.

Optional cut of the end of board: right angle (1) or sloping end (2) with 45 degree angle.

Floor laying

Floors produced by Nagoja are with tongue and groove from four sides, therefore it is easy to lay them and stability is ensured.

Instruction for laying and use of engineered wood floowing on heated (not heated) base